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     Ma'in (biblical Belemounta), 58 km south of Amman and 120 meters below sea level, is the thermal mineral hot springs and waterfalls, where Herod the Great was said to have bathed in its medicinal water, and where people have come for thermal treatments, or simply to enjoy a hot soak, since the days of Rome.


    It is now being restored and rebuilt as a comprehensive spa and natural clinic providing treatment for people with skin diseases, blood circulatory problems and bone, joints, back and muscular pains. Set like an oasis in the dramatic terrain - 264 metres below sea level, with views towards the Dead Sea, the Evason Ma'in is just a one-hour drive west of the capital of Amman. The healing benefits of the hot springs has lured visitors for centuries, with legend having it that Herod the Great bathed in the medicinal waters.


  Originally constructed in the 1980's, the resort building is currently undergoing a twelve million dollar make-over to convert it to an Evason. This includes a new free-standing Six Senses Spa complex that will focus on the therapeutic properties of the mineral-rich waters, offering Healing Mineral and Dead Sea therapies such as salt scrubs and the famed mud wraps. The spa will also feature an a la carte menu of Six Senses signature treatments including the renowned Sensory. 


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